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I’m a Hustler, Baby!

In my nasty habit of internet surfing, I got hooked on the below diagram from Chris Guillebeau‘s blog on The Art of Non-Conformity. Here’s the jist on this dude – he started this blog to share his insights on living unconventionally, including his conquest to travel to every country in the world (which was completed…


“It’s Faster If I Do It Myself”! WRONG!

Building my business as a makeup artist and beautypreneur required a lot of creative ways to drive clientele. Much to my surprise, people weren’t booking me from my website and Facebook! One of the many ways I promoted my business was getting involved with events, whether sponsoring the makeup & hair during Fashion Week, participating…


Why Do I Need a Mentor???

My first mentors were at 17; a finance exec and sales entrepreneur who helped me launch my photo album business. My next batch of mentors were my team who guided me in growing my ARTISTRY skincare business. Shortly thereafter, a Manager at Estee Lauder who took me under her wing in breaking into the corporate…


Rooftop Talk with Stephanie Flor, Celebrity Makeup Artist

I always enjoy doing video interviews, especially with successful people in the beauty industry. I’d like to consider myself as the next Napoleon Hill (a la Think and Grow Rich) and interview the most wealthiest and successful people, thus writing a book that’s been translated into 40 languages and sold 40 million copies worldwide! Until…

My first vision board (Jan 2012)

The Power of a Vision Board

As a constant life learner, I took a transformation course on Abundance & Prosperity in the beginning of the year. My favorite exercise was creating a vision board to ignite our passion and goals in life. I’ve created one before, but this time  I had a clear intention of my goals for the year and found images…


HAPPY 2012!

January marked the start of my first pet project, my New Years cards! Instead of having a Holiday card get lost in the shuffle of taking down Christmas decor, New Years cards are way more memorable and is a universal occasion–who doesn’t want to be wished a happy new year? Here I’ll share one of…