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“Sharpening the Saw” (Keeping Your Makeup Skills Intact)

According to Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” Habit #7 entails “Sharpening the Saw,” meaning that we should take time to renew ourselves mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. For this post, I’m focusing on the physical & social aspects in a career as a makeup artist.

While running the NYC Makeup Artist Meetup Group, I invented a gathering called “The Beauty LAB,” where a handful of us would get together and practice new techniques and test our latest product finds with each other. I hosted one this past weekend and it was sooooo…inspirational! This was my opportunity to work my skills again in an intimate environment.

Three artists came over, bearing snacks to share and their makeup kits. Lilia, a veterinary nurse who moonlights as an artist, got to practice a winged eye and highlight/contouring on me. Alli came to practice the looks she was assigned for NY Fashion Week. Leza, who also works in the medical field during the day, came to “freestyle” on Alli’s gorg face. I  created a precise, full, rouge lip with a contoured face on Lilia. Throughout the day, we shared tips and techniques, examined each other’s makeup kits, and felt more confident in our skills as artists.

Lilia gave me this lovely contoured complexion, complete with winged liner and OCC Lip Tar!!!

The “Beauty LAB” concept is great for those who want to practice the skills they learned in school (or YouTube!) and hang out with your beauty friends in an intimate setting. Here are my tips for hosting a Beauty LAB session:

  • Host it in someone’s home or a space where there is ample natural lighting.
  • Keep the attendees to less than 6-8. It’s important to have an even number to pair off.
  • Encourage your guests to have a clear goal for the session. Do they want to test out a new product? Improve speed & accuracy? Have some magazines on hand for inspiration.
  • Sessions are best held on the weekends, especially during daytime hours for natural lighting.
  • Keep track of timing! We went a little over because some people ran behind.

Hope this inspires you to host “Beauty LAB” parties at your place or a friend’s to work your magic on each other!

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  1. Paulina says:

    The lady on the right reminds me of a grown up, stlysih “Pippi Longstocking”! The red hair, the overall exuberance of her smile expressing her inner joy makes her stand out with presence.

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