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  1. Balinga says:

    I am a mom, have used friends as barybittess and totally understand Ida’s viewpoint. We are all comfortable with something to some extent. So chill out folks. I know plenty of people who are parents and do not use barybittess and are comfortable with that.And unless you are a parent, you can’t relate to that feeling of putting your kid in someone else’s hands.I only used v. close friends. I’ve never hired a stranger to babysit for me. I can’t say I put my trust in anyone online. I sure hope there is plenty of background checking and rechecking.And I totally get the fact that sometimes, when you have no family and single parent or live in a new place, you have to look for such services. I don’t know if I would use this service, but I am sure other people are comfortable and that’s fine too.Just too many freaks out there anymore. And your child is counting on you to give him or her to some. So I get Ida and others, both.

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