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Rooftop Talk with Stephanie Flor, Celebrity Makeup Artist

I always enjoy doing video interviews, especially with successful people in the beauty industry. I’d like to consider myself as the next Napoleon Hill (a la Think and Grow Rich) and interview the most wealthiest and successful people, thus writing a book that’s been translated into 40 languages and sold 40 million copies worldwide!

Until then, will do!

My BFF Stephanie Flor has graced numerous magazines with her talented makeup & hair skills for top celebrities, and also as a featured expert for major publications such as Latina, Teen Vogue, and Glamour magazines. We met 4 years ago, when she attended one of my Makeup Artist Meetups. Fast forward to now; her career has grown tremendously. Her brushes have touched Mariah Carey’s (or Mariah, as Steph calls her) face, Kathy Griffin, Sting, and countless others. Stephanie consistently hustles to get the next job, even after being signed to the Artists by Timothy Priano agency (he signed industry legends Laura Mercier and Oscar Blandi).

In this video, she talks about how she became a makeup artist, shares some challenges (even embarassing moments) she faced starting out, and a special project that’s in the works.


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