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Day 1: HBA Expo 2013 (My Holy Grail of Beauty!)

The HBA Expo is the go-to conference on the cosmetics and personal care products industry, which features vendors of raw materials and numerous workshops on building a thriving brand, small & large. For me, this is the holy grail of my passion for beauty! This year I finally got to attend the HBA expo for…


Why Do I Need a Mentor???

My first mentors were at 17; a finance exec and sales entrepreneur who helped me launch my photo album business. My next batch of mentors were my team who guided me in growing my ARTISTRY skincare business. Shortly thereafter, a Manager at Estee Lauder who took me under her wing in breaking into the corporate…

Group Shot!

“Sharpening the Saw” (Keeping Your Makeup Skills Intact)

According to Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” Habit #7 entails “Sharpening the Saw,” meaning that we should take time to renew ourselves mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. For this post, I’m focusing on the physical & social aspects in a career as a makeup artist. While running the NYC Makeup Artist Meetup…

My first vision board (Jan 2012)

The Power of a Vision Board

As a constant life learner, I took a transformation course on Abundance & Prosperity in the beginning of the year. My favorite exercise was creating a vision board to ignite our passion and goals in life. I’ve created one before, but this time  I had a clear intention of my goals for the year and found images…

I'm closer to reaching my goal of meeting my idol!

For the Umpteenth Time, I’m BACK!!!

I’m so happy to be back to posting a little bit more regularly. I’ve been abusing my privileges as a beauty blogger by attending swanky  events by way of my website but not doing a write-up. Now onto my updates… I completed my 12-month marketing internship at Lancome. I was hesitant discussing my day job on my blog,…


Fabulous Fridays: BET’s Marcy Polanco

I had the pleasure of interviewing Marcy Polanco, BET’s Director of Corporate Communications, at The Diva Lounge’s “A Toast to PR Players” event last week. This BET veteran advises all aspiring PR students to take a writing class! “It’ll help you write press releases, talking points, & speeches.” As a busy executive, she stays gorgeous…


Fabulous Fridays: Felicia Walker Benson Joins Jones Mag!

I’ve been following Felicia Walker Benson‘s journey in the beauty blogging space since meeting her at Honey Mag’s blogger soiree two years ago. Her blog,, has become my go-to beauty blog for honest product reviews and down-to-earth entries on her life as a blogger/makeup artist/beauty expert. Now she joins the ranks of the beauty…

FAB Network Logo

FAB Network Presents “The Insider” on Beauty Industry

I love Jessica Styles! Over the course of 1 1/2, she’s built her “empire,” aka The FAB Network–which stands for Fashion, Arts and Beauty–and has hosted numerous networking events and educational sessions for professionals and college students that want a break in those respective industries. A former cosmetic/entertainment executive, she branched out on her own…


Genevieve’s Adventures: Cynde Watson “Get Gorgeous” Makeup Party

Celebrity makeup artist Cynde Watson unveiled her color cosmetic collection at a special “Get Gorgeous” Makeup Party, held at the Georgia NY Salon in the East Village last Thursday. Color by Cynde Watson launched last year on HSN to a national audience, and now she’s offering her services & product to the beauty-conscious ladies of NYC.

First Photo Shoot for 2009!

There’s nothing like starting out the new year with a photo shoot! I collaborated with William MacLeod and his After a Fashion meetup to get some brand new bridal shots for our company portfolio. For any beginner makeup artist out there, I strongly recommend working with a photographer’s workshop or volunteering for the “shoot-off” to…