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My first vision board (Jan 2012)

The Power of a Vision Board

As a constant life learner, I took a transformation course on Abundance & Prosperity in the beginning of the year. My favorite exercise was creating a vision board to ignite our passion and goals in life. I’ve created one before, but this time  I had a clear intention of my goals for the year and found images to match my vision, not just a collage of images “that would be nice to have.”

My first “real” vision board (Jan 2012)

Fast forward 8 months later, 80% of those items have already come into fruition. One day it had hit me…I was receiving the photos & affirmations I saw and meditated on everyday. Most successful people regularly create vision boards and bombard themselves with photos of what they want.

Now that another chapter has unfolded, my priorities have shifted, so new goals have been set! This past Friday, Genevia of Vice as If, joined me in cranking out a vision board! It was exciting to see her work on one for the first time, and seeing the inspiration flow onto my board as the night went on.

Once I started spreading the word on Facebook, the Makeup Meetup & Instagram, I got a strong response from those who wanted to create one. Here’s my method for creating a board, simply taken from my own experience.

How to Create a Vision Board:

What You Need
Oaktag or foam board (from any office supply store)
Glue – a glue stick or rubber cement
A pile of magazines
A photo of yourself

First, write out your goals & the “lifespan” of your board. Be as specific as possible. Is this vision board for the next 5-10 years, or just 6 to 12 months? Personally I like to work in increments of 3-6 months because it gives me focus and confidence when they start to come true. And my goals may change over time, so the 5-10 year board may lose its relevance.

Once you’ve written your goals, narrow them down to 5 important ones. Again, this is about FOCUS. You’re building the “skeleton” of your board. Less than 5 is even better. Without this step, you’re simply making a collage of things that “would be nice” to have. Are you focusing on 1 or more parts of your life? Examples can be health, wealth, career, business, family, relationships.

Now this is the fun part! Have a variety of mags, from beauty/fashion, music, lifestyle, and men’s mags like GQ or Maxim (don’t deny you want to add a few photos of good-looking guys to that board!). I also like to tear out inspirational phrases and taglines to “accessorize” the board.

  • Tear out all the photos and taglines that appeal to you. This is when the “skeleton” comes in handy so I don’t get stimulated by all the pages in the mag.
  • Once you covered your goals, trim the pictures & tag lines and batch them according to the goal then arrange them on the board. And then add the taglines as little accents on each goal, especially in the center.

For the finishing touch, place your photo, along with your name printed in block letters on the center of *your* vision board! Voila! There you have it! Your inspiration to achieve what you deserve to earn. Place this in your room where you will see it everyday.

Bonus: Place post-its with affirmations stating what you want as though you already have it. For example, if you want to lose weight, write, “I am at (goal weight), feeling healthy, vibrant and in great shape!”

After a few hours, here’s my Vision Board 2.0!

I covered my top priorities: to continue living in Manhattan, my career in Beauty, being healthy & active, and of course, LOVE.

Here’s also a vision board created by my college/beauty buddy Amanda (Instagram @livelovegive):

With 3 months left in 2012, it is never too late to get started on one NOW! Many blessings & prosperity can be yours in these next few months! Please comment and share your experience in creating your board, or how you’ll be inspired to make one for yourself. xoxo

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