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Welcome to! At least the beginning of it…!

It gives me great sadness to retire Gorgeous on the Go and everything related to it–the domain and my social media space. That was my online identity for over 5 years when I started to grow my business as a makeup artist. My career has evolved dramatically since then, aw hell my whole life has changed altogether! I am more passionate about beauty than I’ve ever been, I’m more precise in my career direction, and completely unapologetic about it. It’s time to start brand new.

Who is the 360 Beauty Maven?

Moi - cute

Me silly!

As I got my feet wet in the corporate beauty industry, I consistently immersed myself in anything industry news, from acquisitions, brand launches, to executive shake-ups at every beauty company. and their Beauty Inc. magazine was my version of The Wall Street Journal for every finance exec. I often shared my opinions on the business of beauty with my makeup artist friends, or even my colleagues at the office.

So why not share my two-cents about it?


To read my blog!

I considered myself to have well-rounded background in beauty (hence, 360 perspective!), and have a wealth of knowledge of the industry (aka “Maven”), that I am dying to share with people who want to hear all about it! Like YOU!

It’s time for a new voice to come into the beauty blogosphere. I love my circle of bloggers, but I’m tired of seeing the same shade swatches, videos that start with “Hey guys, I just got this haul…”, or entries pasted directly from the press release! There are enough talented people out there who are succeeding in that genre.

The website transition has already begun; is in effect! Currently it is forwarding to GOTG as I work on a new template. I’ve changed my social media handles; check them out below:

PACE-Book as my parents call it! You’ll see longer updates on news and promos

Tweet-turrr – Who wouldn’t want to see my tweets?

Insta-what? – Or even my photos?

Thanks for all your support! Ciao!

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